Our philosophy

The difficulties involved in every construction project, the time schedules regarding the sequence of tasks, the project completion and timely delivery deadlines, the human resources as a driving force for a smooth cooperation and understanding among the client, the company, the designers, the supervisors, the project engineer, the technicians and workers, the weather conditions that can hinder the performance of scheduled works and lead to changes in time schedules, and mainly constructions involving the use of new materials, creation using new techniques, putting in practice new ideas, all those gave us the spark, to the idea of founding VAROUXAKIS SA.

A new company in the consulting and design business, based on the collective effort, willingness and work of its people, with new ideas, rational organization, constant investments in technical equipment and strict operating discipline, with one and only goal: to satisfy clients through functionally correct and perfect design. Operating with a staff of professionals (partners and associates) VAROUXAKIS SA is committed to its core values of professionalism, social responsibility and environmental sensibility.